Yuri PyBot

A simple and free to use multipurpose Discord bot.

Serving 256.8K users in 2,658 guilds!


Yuri PyBot is a simple, easy to use multipurpose Discord bot designed to easily fit into a guild with minimal setup.

Created in Python (hence the name PyBot) this bot comes with a variety of features that can help liven up a boring day in #general!

What can I do?

Image generation:

From meme generation to simple avatar edits, Yuri contains a range of commands that allow you easily generate images from within Discord in a matter of seconds!

Simple type in your input and watch as Yuri does all the editing for you, its that easy!


Help solve the boredom of sitting around in a Discord channel with nothing to do, Yuri contains a range of mini games that you can play from the comfort of your Discord server!

Includes games like Minesweeper, Russian Roulette, Akinator, Sudoku, 2048, and many more!

Some of these games also come with the ability to save your game for later if you have to go walk the dog in the middle of you Minesweeper game!

Search tools:

Search from a range of websites or get info from games all from the comfort of chat.

Supports Urban Dictionary, Reddit, Osu, Minecraft and more!

Misc tools:

Yuri also contains a range of other miscellaneous tools, action based commands and other commands that can be useful in many different situations.

With so much to explore, the best way to find out what Yuri provides is by seeing it for yourself!


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